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The law firm of Wolf & Machel was founded in 1979 by attorney-at-law Franz Wolf and operates nationwide at all labor courts, state labor courts, and the Federal Labor Court. It also operates at all local and regional courts and higher regional courts.

Matthias P. Machel

Curriculum Vitae
Attorney-at-law Matthias P. Machel, born in Mainz, studied at the universities of Mainz and Dijon. Mr. Machel has been practicing law since 1987. Since 1987, he has been a partner at the law firm of Wolf & Machel.

Mr. Machel advises national and international companies on all matters of labor and social law. He advises not only on individual employment law, but particularly on collective labor law and collective bargaining law. Mr. Machel has particular expertise in corporate restructuring, including negotiations on reconciliation of interests and social plans, as well as conciliation proceedings and subsequent litigation in dismissal protection cases.

Since 1990, Mr. Machel has been a lecturer on labor law for various Chambers of Industry and Commerce and alternating chairman of various examination boards.

Legal fields
• Employment law
• Corporate law

Elena Wolf

Curriculum Vitae
Elena Wolf, attorney at law, was born in Heppenheim in 1980. She studied at the Ruprecht-Karls University in Heidelberg. Ms. Wolf was admitted to the bar in 2008. From 2008 to 2018, Ms. Wolf worked as an in-house lawyer in the legal department of an international group, advising the HR departments of German group companies on all aspects of individual and collective labor law. Ms. Wolf joined the team of the law firm Wolf & Machel as a partner in September 2018.

Ms. Wolf advises national and international companies on all aspects of individual and collective employment law in both German and English. Ms. Wolf has particular experience in corporate restructuring, including reconciliation of interests and social plan negotiations as well as arbitration board proceedings and the subsequent conduct of proceedings for protection against unfair dismissal. Ms. Wolf also advises in M&As including the conduct of due diligences with regard to employment law. Ms. Wolf also has extensive experience in the introduction of various IT systems as well as the drafting and negotiation of the corresponding works council agreements with the Works Council.

Ms. Wolf conducts various trainings on labor law in cooperation with a business training organization (GfW). Ms. Wolf is fluent in the English language.

Legal fields
• Individual labor law
• Collective labor law
• Collective agreements

Stefan Niedenthal

Curriculum Vitae
Attorney-at-law Stefan Niedenthal, born in Hanau in 1996, studied law at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, specializing in labor law. During his legal clerkship, Mr. Niedenthal worked for the Hanau tax office as well as a law firm and notary's office in Hanau in Hanau. From October 2022, Mr. Niedenthal joined the team of the law firm Wolf & Machel as a trainee lawyer. In January 2023, Mr. Niedenthal successfully completed his legal clerkship with the Second State Law Examination. Since March 2023, Mr. Niedenthal has been working as a attorney-at-law for the law firm Wolf & Machel.

Mr. Niedenthal advises national and international companies on all matters of individual and collective labor law.

Mr. Niedenthal conducts various seminars on labor law together with Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft e.V. (GfW).

Legal fields
• individual labor law
• collective labor law
• collective agreements


The focus of our consulting activities is on
employment law. We advise national and international companies as well as executives nationwide on all aspects of individual and collective labor law.

Individual Labor Law
We advise and represent both medium-sized companies and national and international corporations in all matters of individual labor law and collective labor law.

Individual labor law governs the legal relationship between the individual employer and the individual employee. One of our particular areas of expertise is advising employers before and after issuing a termination as well as representing them in dismissal protection proceedings throughout Germany through all instances including the Federal Labor Court.

We also negotiate and advise on the conclusion of termination agreements while taking into account the associated social and tax-related issues.

In addition, we support companies in the drafting of employment contracts as well as companies and officers in the drafting of service contracts. We also provide advice on the conclusion and termination of secondment and foreign employment contracts as well as employee leasing.

Another focus is advising and representing in cases of revocation, termination, or amicable termination of employment contracts with executives, senior executives, and officers of the company. Finally, we advise and support on matters related to:

• General Equal Treatment Act
• Temporary Employment Act
• Workplace Protection Act
• Vocational Training Act
• Federal Holiday Act
• Continued Remuneration Act
• Youth Employment Protection Act
• Dismissal Protection Act
• Maternity Protection Act

Collective Labor Law
Collective labor law refers to the law of labor-related coalitions, collective bargaining law, labor dispute law, and in particular, co-determination law in companies and businesses.

A particular focus of our activity is the comprehensive advice on all questions of operational co-determination and company constitution law. We support and conduct social plan and interest balancing negotiations up to the assumption of representation in the conciliation committee procedure.

Another special focus of our activity is advising and supporting in cases of business transfers, company transformations, and company sales.

Works Constitution Law
We advise on co-determination and works constitution law. We conduct resolution proceedings and conciliation committee negotiations and also provide advice on collective bargaining law, up to the conclusion of in-house collective agreements.

Company Pension Plans
In addition, we provide holistic advice to companies on matters of company pension plans and support in the introduction or adaptation of existing pension systems in compliance with current laws and regulations.

Our legal advice and support extends to both individual and collective contract design, the preparation of works agreements or collective bargaining agreements. Finally, we also advise on all matters related to company pension plans in the context of buying and selling companies.


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Directions by Public Transportation
If you want to reach the law firm by public transportation, we recommend using bus lines 4, 5, or 10 and getting off at the stop „Hanau Congress Park.“ From there, you can reach the law firm in about 5 minutes on foot.

Directions by Car
To reach the law firm by car, you can take the exit „Hanau Nord“ coming from the A45 and follow the B43 towards Hanau. Follow the B43 to the exit „Hanau Zentrum“ and turn right onto the K 905. After about 1.5 kilometers, turn left onto Martin-Luther-King-Straße and follow it for another 400 meters. The law firm is located on the right-hand side.

If you’re coming from the A66, take the exit „Hanau“ and follow the B45 towards Hanau. Continue on the B45 until you reach the intersection with the K 905. Turn left there and follow the K 905 to Martin-Luther-King-Straße. Turn left and follow it for another 400 meters. The law firm is located on the right-hand side.

Please note that the description may vary depending on traffic conditions and road closures.

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